[3] Yet, in spite of the losses, 1977 would also see several future F1 heavy weights emerge, with Gilles Villeneuve, Riccardo Patrese and Patrick Tambay all making their debuts. [8] On the FIA's side were Ferrari and several major race venues although, as the new season loomed, the battle lines were to be solidified. 17 Scheckter was on a charge and passed many drivers, including Lauda, in the early stages to get up to fourth, which became third when leader Stuck crashed out. Condition .. Part 1 http://youtu.be/9R4d6V-EbHg Part 2 http://youtu.be/r39qp1yCYrY Part 3 http://youtu.be/Ml_O5y79D4I Part 4 http://youtu.be/2FkCS17xZBs 2:59. Watson ran second to Scheckter until mid-race when he had to retire with gearbox trouble, allowing Lauda to close in on Scheckter but the latter was flawless and held on to take his second win of the season. Hunt seemed to be headed for victory until his engine failed with ten laps left, giving Jones his first ever Formula One victory. Round 4: 1977 United States Grand Prix West, 1977 FIA Formula One World Championship for Drivers, 1977 FIA Formula One International Cup for Constructors. The full entry list for the 1977 FIA Formula One World Championship is outlined below: In spite of the complications between F.O.C.A. Watson eventually retired, and Pace struggled towards the end due to heat in his cockpit and was passed by Jody Scheckter's Wolf and Andretti, but the latter retired then with a wheel bearing failure. The 1978 Formula One season included the 29th FIA Formula One World Championship which commenced on January 15, 1978, and ended on October 8 after sixteen races. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1977 World Champion, Niki Lauda Price: GBP 197.95 . The best 8 results from the first 9 races and the best 7 results from the remaining 8 races were retained. Vaughn Yadiel. [1] Yet, it would be a miserable campaign for the Brit, with Hunt having to wait until the tenth race at Silverstone to claim his first victory of the season. To go from near-death to challenging for the drivers title in 76 was truly impressive, but to come back the following season and be right at the sharp end was a phenomenal performance that put Niki securely in the pantheon of great F1 champions. Photograph. Mike Kettlewell, The Champion Book of World Championship Facts & Figures, 1982, Page 40. However, Hunt and Andretti continued to pull away from him and, with Lauda running fourth, Scheckter needed something extraordinary to happen to keep the title battle alive. Ended: Oct 23, 2020. 2020 Season Driver Standings Constructor Standings Archive 1950-2019 F1 Awards . Mario Andretti 47 points During the final few laps, leader Watson and Andretti were running nose-to-tail but Watson held him off till the last lap when his engine missed a beat and immediately Andretti was past. F1 Season 1977 .. With less than 20 laps left, they came to lap third-placed Mass during which there was a misunderstanding between the McLarens who collided and spun off, Hunt retiring and Mass pitting for repairs and rejoining fifth. Scheckter took the first win of 1977, with Pace second, and home hero Carlos Reutemann completing the podium for Ferrari. Formula 1 Schedule season 1977. [2], Instead, Jody Scheckter, piloting the new Canadian built Wolf, would be one of the main title contenders during the season, taking victory at the opening round. Stuck got the best start and took the lead into the first corner followed by Hunt and Andretti. Lotus would end the season with the fastest car but second in the Cup, while McLaren edged out Wolf to claim third at the final hurdle. 3rd Championship points awarded to the top six finishers in each race on an 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis. The race finished in that order; with Andretti taking a dominant victory from Lauda, who closed in on the championship, and Jones who took his second podium in three races. Unlike the previous year, the weather conditions at the Fuji circuit near Tokyo were perfect, and Hunt took the lead at the start, and Scheckter and Mass jumped up to second and third, whereas Andretti had a terrible start and was at the tail of the top ten. Next This left Laffite leading from the Ferraris of Lauda and Reutemann. Lauda pleased his home fans further by beating Hunt to pole, with Andretti settling for third on the grid. During the South African GP on 5 March, Tom Pryce was unable to avoid hitting 19-year-old race marshall Frederik Jansen van Vuuren, who had tried to cross the track. Tyrrell P34 (1976 - 1977, 1977 ver.) Formula One Championship: season standings and statistics. Hunt inherited third but retired with a misfire, giving it to Watson until he lost places due to a spin, leaving Scheckter to take the final spot on the podium. U.K payment by paypal preferred, a cheque is OK also. Excellent, as per new. Tyre suppliers It featured the 1978 World Championship of F1 Drivers and the International Cup for F1 Constructors, contested concurrently over a sixteen race series which commenced on 15 January and ended on 8 October. It featured the 28th World Championship of Drivers and the 20th International Cup for Formula 1 Constructors,[1] which commenced on 9 January 1977, and ended on 23 October after seventeen races, making it the longest Formula One season in the sport's history at the time. Formula One | The world's largest repository of motor racing results and statistics from F1 to WRC, from MotoGP, covering 50 events every weekend with stats dating back to 1894 | Motorsport Stats Numbers without parentheses are retained points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored. Formula One 1977. The West German race took place in Hockenheim because the Nürburgring track was deemed to be too dangerous to race on because of the inability of the 'Ring's organizers to effectively manage such a huge circuit. In the elite Monaco race, Watson took his first career pole for Brabham with Scheckter also on the front row and Reutemann third. Lauda departed Ferrari even before the season ended, so did not complete the season, having already sealed the title thanks to his consistent form. Following his horrific accident at the Nürburgring in 1976, Niki Lauda continued his incredible recovery coming into the 1977 season. The race started in damp conditions, and poleman Lauda led into the first corner followed by Hunt, but Andretti passed both at one corner soon after. Watson took the lead again, but he also had suspension failures and let teammate Carlos Pace through. With two-thirds of the season complete, Lauda led the championship as the drivers went to the very fast and scenic Österreichring in Austria. Created with Highcharts 7.2.1. 1976 and 1978 Formula One results tables published in the 1977 and 1979 editions of the FIA Yearbook of Automoble Sport indicate that the FIA ranked competitors on equal points in the same championship position, regardless of race placings. Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1977 F1 season to run for the twenty-eighth Formula 1 title in the drivers and constructors championship. Jones's victory was so unexpected that the organizers did not have a copy of the Australian national anthem, so they played "Happy Birthday" instead (it was not Jones's birthday that day). This sensationally left Patrick Tambay in the Ensign third, but he ran out of fuel on the last lap, thus handing the place to Scheckter. Jody Scheckter 55 points 1977 FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPION. The 1977 Formula One season was the 31st season of the FIA's Formula One motor racing. Watson took the lead at the start with Hunt second. Lotus-Ford Cosworth 62 points Watson led for the first 10 laps until Hunt moved ahead and pulled away, with Mario Andretti's Lotus third, but soon the other McLaren of Jochen Mass took the place. McLaren M26 (1976 - 1979, 1977 ver.) Jody Scheckter's Wolf won first time out, Shadow took their only victory, and Gunnar Nilsson achieved the only win of a career ended by … Lauda took second and Stuck was third, both benefiting after Nilsson also retired with an engine failure. Lauda was soon past Reutemann, and the latter had to retire when he spun off on oil on the track, handing third to Jones. McLaren-Ford Cosworth 60 points. Hunt led off at the start, with Lauda and Scheckter following him after Pace struggled. Lotus 78 (1977 - 1978) Renault RS01 (1977 - 1979) Shadow DN8 (1976 - 1978, 1977 livery) Ensign N177 (1977 - 1979) Hesketh 308E (1977 - 1978) LEC CRP1 (1977) 1976 . Finished. Official list of F1 standings for the 1977 season - filter by driver or team (constructor) to see current World Championship standings. Niki Lauda hit back at his critics in the best possible fashion by taking a second World Championship before quitting Ferrari at seasons' end. The Japanese Grand Prix was not held again until 1987 at the Suzuka circuit – there had been talk of moving the race from Fuji to Suzuka for 1978, but this never materialized. was essentially over the promotion of Formula One with both venues and broadcasters, Mr. Ecclestone having gained near total control of broadcasting rights to F1 at the end of 1976. [8], The main issue between WCR and F.O.C.A. The formula 1 season section provides the possibility to compare different points systems for a specific season and see the resulting F1 standings. A large part of the winter prior to the start of the 1977 season would be spent picking a side in a fast developing political fight between the FIA and the Formula One Constructors Association, led by Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley. Peterson and Villeneuve came together at the end of the straight, and Villeneuve crashed appallingly and his Ferrari flew into a crowd that was standing in a restricted area, killing 2 photographers and injuring several others. At the start, Andretti took the lead with Laffite following. 1976 Scheckter led the early stages ahead of Nilsson, whereas Reutemann made an early charge but spun off. List of Formula One World Championship points scoring systems, Championship race results and images from www.f1-facts.com, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1977_Formula_One_season&oldid=986177118, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 07:50. Tags: Auto Racing Quiz, 1977, F1 Drivers, F1 Races, F1 Season, F1 Teams, Formula 1, Formula One, Grand Prix, Grands Prix, Racing, season Top Quizzes Today Build England with Premier League Teams 2,128 Number of races Hunt pitted for new tyres, and rejoined fourth and soon passed Niki Lauda in the Ferrari and Watson to reclaim second. First race Go to the teammate battles for detailed head-to-head comparison of teammates. Scheckter battled for second with Hunt until the defending champion retired with an engine failure, giving third to Watson's teammate and home driver Hans-Joachim Stuck. 1977 Season: teams After the race, Lauda decided not to race in the final two races because of the declining relationship between him and Ferrari. Local time Your time. Ferrari won its third consecutive Constructors' title with new driver Carlos Reutemann having a solid season. Niki Lauda 72 points The 1977 Season proved to be one of the most competitive in F1 history, although was punctuated by a series of fatal accidents from beginning to end. The season also inclu Scheckter kept the lead at the first corner with both Watson and Lauda keeping their positions. The Swedish race at the isolated Anderstorp Raceway was full of anticipation after Nilsson's win last time out, but once again in qualifying, it was his teammate Andretti leading the way from Watson, with Hunt heading the second row. You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the info and statistics we know about them. The latest Formula 1 news, analysis and stats from Autosport's team of Formula 1 correspondents and experts Watson and Scheckter battled for second until they collided, with Scheckter having to retire and Watson pitting for repairs. The season also included a single non-championship race for Formula One cars, the 1977 Race of Champions. Mario Andretti was the season Champion and the last American to date to win a Formula One race. After Andretti's demise, Reutemann ran third until the second Lotus of Nilsson attacked him, and the two collided with Nilsson out and Reutemann rejoining at the back. The 1977 Formula One season included the 28th FIA Formula One World Championship season, which commenced on January 9, 1977, and ended on October 23 after seventeen races.. Niki Lauda won his second championship, despite Mario Andretti winning more races. It featured the 1979 World Championship of F1 Drivers and the 1979 International Cup for F1 Constructors which were contested concurrently over a fifteen-round series which commenced on 21 January 1979, and ended on 7 October. The field, in a somber mood, went to this relatively new street circuit near Los Angeles, and Lauda took pole ahead of home hero Andretti, with Scheckter third. * Heyer was disqualified for joining the start of the race illegally. That did not happen, as the rest of the race passed on without incident, with Hunt winning ahead of Andretti and Scheckter, with Lauda's fourth place enough to make him the world champion. Regazzoni however did not have the pace and soon dropped down the order, whereas Andretti was on the move, passing Hunt on the second lap, and Scheckter a few laps later to take the lead. Hunt did not get a good start, and so Watson led into the first corner ahead of Lauda and Scheckter, but as the race progressed, a recovering Hunt soon passed both to get up to second behind Watson. Constructors points were awarded on a 9–6–4–3–2–1 basis for the first six places in each race, however only the best place car from each constructor was eligible to score points. The season also included the non-championship BRDC International Trophy. The next race was staged at the newly extended Dijon-Prenois circuit in France, and once again it was Andretti on pole with Hunt second and Nilsson third on the grid. Finished. [6], Other drivers to stand atop the podium would include Carlos Reutemann, Gunnar Nilsson, Jacques Laffite and Alan Jones, meaning there were eight different race winners across the seventeen Grand Prix. At the start, it was Scheckter who got the best start, and he passed both Andretti and Lauda, with Reutemann going up an escape road and spinning as he tried to follow Scheckter through. It featured the 28th World Championship of Drivers and the 20th International Cup for Formula 1 Constructors, which commenced on 9 January 1977, and ended on 23 October after seventeen races. [8] That, combined with the fact that the Belgian Grand Prix had signed contracts with both groups, ensured that there was a record seventeen race calendar, with all potential races in question. These accidents were dealt with badly and the severely injured Ashley was only flown out 40 minutes after he crashed. Details .. 23 x 15 cm .. 10:21. had also secured eight races, including the Argentine Grand Prix, for the Championship, while WCR and the C.S.I. That fact made the 1977 edition of the series the longest in F1 history, a record it would hold until the 2004 campaign. Five laps later, Andretti had got back past Laffite and was again attacking Hunt, who defended aggressively but this time Andretti did not lift and they collided. Hunt dropped back with brake troubles as the race progressed, and Scheckter retired when his engine failed, leaving Reutemann and Lauda in second and third. Scheckter ran third until his engine failed, thus giving the place to Andretti until he too suffered a similar fate, leaving Nilsson to take the final spot on the podium. Hunt took pole again with Reutemann second and Andretti third on the grid. The race was wet due to rain earlier in the day, and Watson took the lead at the first corner, but later in the first lap, Andretti ran into the back to him while attempting to retake the lead, resulting in both of them spinning out and Scheckter taking the lead. Both parties had threatened to boycott or cancel the season opening race, the Argentine Grand Prix, with the majority of the teams backing Ecclestone and Mosley against the FIA's new body, World Champion… The death of Pryce had shaken the field up, and then before the next round at Long Beach, California in the western United States, there was more news, as Carlos Pace, who had finished second in the opening round in Argentina, was killed in a plane crash. band consisted overwhelmingly of the British "garagistas", the temptation to boycott the race came after a meeting between the CSI and WCR with the series major sponsors prior to the race, which would have tipped the balance of the dispute in their favour. See: 1977 F1 World Championship Season Statistics. Last race Mass had to retire soon after with an engine failure which caused him to spin, and a suspension failure took teammate and race leader Hunt out three laps later. as pictured in the listing will of course not be on the photograph. Mario Andretti won the … There was further tragedy as Carlos Pace lost his life in an aviation accident only a couple of weeks after Pryce's accident. The safety of the Mosport Park circuit was under intense scrutiny, as the ubiquitous bumps and limited safety of the circuit caused a number of nasty accidents including Briton Ian Ashley vaulting barriers and crashing into a TV tower. Lauda had to be satisfied with second, with Reutemann completing the podium. Andretti was left well over a lap ahead until his engine failed with three laps left, giving the win to Scheckter. The second round took place at the longest circuit of the year – the very demanding and difficult 5-mile Interlagos circuit in São Paulo, Brazil. … The result of the season’s first race was a surprise as Jody Scheckter gave the new Wolf marque a victory on its debut. Formula One Championship: complete race by race results. The weather was, as was very often the case in Buenos Aires, oppressively hot, which contributed to the attrition of this race – the track temperature was 51 °C (124 °F). The German ATS team took over the Penske cars and the South African Grand Prix was the last race a BRM ever qualified to start. F1 1977 United States GP Lead Battle Jody Scheckter Mario Andretti Niki Lauda. Scheckter's hopes looked bleak as he qualified ninth to Lauda's seventh, as Hunt took pole from the Brabhams of Stuck and Watson. [9] Ultimately an agreement regarding the attendance fee was reached before the opening round, although the fighting would continue between Ecclestone and Mosley against WCR president Patrick Duffeler well into the season.[9]. The race continued however, and Lauda won, his first since his own horror crash last year, with home hero Scheckter second, and Depailler's six-wheeler took third from Hunt in the closing laps. B D G M Share this: GP Racing Stats is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula 1 companies. • Championship race results and images from www.f1-facts.com Contents 1 Season … [4] Indeed, such was the Austrian's advantage for Ferrari that he would win the Championship at the 1977 United States Grand Prix, before quitting the team due to the politics at Maranello with two races to go. Countryman John Watson shared the front row with him in the Brabham, and Patrick Depailler in the six-wheeled Tyrrell was third on the grid. Champion There was also one non-Championship race in 1978, the XXX BRDC International Trophy at Silverstone, the last time that this … Patrick Depailler finished second for Tyrrell, and Mass completed the podium. [5], The Ferrari team themselves would ultimately end the season as the winners of the International Cup for Constructors Champions for the third year in a row, while Lauda's title ensured that it was their second "double" in three years. Another star of the 1977 campaign would be Mario Andretti, who claimed five race victories for Lotus. Runners-up Jacques Laffite and Alan Jones also scored first … Italy was next on the calendar, but the fact that it was Ferrari's home race at the Monza Autodrome near Milan did not deter Hunt who took pole, whereas Reutemann cheered the home fans by starting second in front of Scheckter.