Files ASTALDI, IN 2013 TOTAL REVENUES AT OVER EUR 2.5B, NET INCOME AT EUR 75MNThe Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A., chaired by Paolo Astaldi, met today to approve the Draft Separate Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements of Astaldi Group for FY 2013. 13 May 201618:56 58/1998, REQUESTED BY CONSOB. 2015 Media   We are an international construction group with a leading position in Italy and among the top 100 International Contractors. ASTALDI SUCCESSFULLY PLACES EURO 150,000,000 SENIOR NOTES AT A PRICE OF EURO 105Astaldi S.p.A. (the “Issuer” or “Astaldi”) announces that today it has successfully priced an offer of additional €150,000,000 Senior Notes due 2020 (the “Additional Notes”), at an issue price of 105.000%, with a fixed coupon of 7.125% per annum and a yield to maturity of 6.210%. The Company informs that the composition proposal and plan as per application of composition with creditors on a going concern basis pursuant to articles 160... November ASTALDI GROUP: NEW EUR 171 MILLION RAILWAY CONTRACT IN POLANDAstaldi Group has been awarded, in a joint venture, a contract to upgrade a section of the N-7 Warsaw Wschodnia Osobowa-Dorohusk railway line. NET PROFIT +9.4%TO EURO 21 MILLION, ASTALDI, NET PROFIT INCREASED BY 16.7% TO EURO 10.2 MLN. This comes on the heels of Astaldi’s construction of the same line’s central section, a work the Group completed in March 2015.     27 February 201313:20 Files 28 July 200517:07   ASTALDI AWARDED A NEW RAILWAY CONTRACT IN ALGERIA. €390 million, of which €190 million provided by the Concessionaire and the... The Astaldi Group has won in California, the contract for the improvement of the I-405 in Los Angeles. Files Stefano Cerri, Astaldi Group’s Chief Executive Officer reported the following: “The quarter’s results clearly show how Astaldi Group is further... International Airport Arturo Merino Benítez . ASTALDI EARNS A USD 116MILLION CONTRACT FOR A NEW HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT IN PERUThe Astaldi Group has been awarded with a contract of a value of USD 116 million (Astaldi leader with 60% share), for the construction of Huanza hydroelectric power plant, in Peru. Media   Files 02 August 201313:40 ASTALDI, EURO 325 MILLION LOAN EXTENDED TO 2016Today Astaldi has signed a forward-start agreement to lengthen the maturity date of its existing long-term EUR 325 million loan facility from April 2013 to December 2016. EBITDA margin of 11.7%, with EBITDA of EUR 242.8 million (+11.2%) Title Law admitted Astaldi to the Concordato Procedure(the “Procedure ”), delegating to the procedure Angela Coluccio and appointing as judicial commissioners Vincenzo Ioffredi, Stefano Ambrosini, and Francesco Rocchi. Date March Astaldi awarded as one of the companies most in demand among professionals in 2015Astaldi has been awarded by the LinkedIn®, “Italy InDemand 2015” campaign as one of the most attractive companies; for some years, LinkedIn®, the world’s largest professional network, has been honouring the Companies most in demand among job-seekers....   July Date The new agreement covers the remainder of the credit... Saint Petersburg, 17 June 2016 – Today, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited the Astaldi site for the works to complete the central portion of the Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. March Title 28 October 200913:30 Stefano Ambrosio ist ein italienischer Zeichner aus der mailändischen Disney-Company.   START OF THE WORKS FOR THE NAPLES-BARI HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY, ASTALDI: REDEFINITION OF DECEMBER 2017 COVENANT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED, ASTALDI: EXTRAORDINARY SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING APPROVES THE SHARE CAPITAL INCREASE SERVICING THE EQUITY-LINKED BOND LOAN DECIDED UPON BY THE BOD MEETING OF 13 JUNE 2017, ASTALDI: NEW CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT IN ITALY, ASTALDI: NEW CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT IN CHILE, ASTALDI: NEW CONSTRUCTION ORDERS FOR EUR 400 MILLION IN CHILE, HONDURAS, AND POLAND, FILING OF INTERIM REPORT ON OPERATIONS AT SEPTEMBER 30, 2017, THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS HAS EXAMINED A CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL STREGTHENING PROGRAMME AND APPROVED THE INTERIM REPORT ON OPERATIONS AT 30 SEPTEMBER 2017, ASTALDI S.P.A. – THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS SUBMITS FOR APPROVAL TO THE EXTRAORDINARY SHAREHOLDER’S MEETING THE CAPITAL INCREASE SERVICING THE EQUITY-LINKED BONDS PLACED IN JUNE 2017, ASTALDI: 7.4% INCREASE IN REVENUE DURING THE HALF-YEAR TO OVER EUR 1.5 BILLION, ASTALDI: NEW EUR 82 MILLION RAILWAY CONTRACT IN POLAND, Settlement of Euro 140 million equity linked notes due 2024 and of the repurchase of Euro 130 million 4.50% equity linked notes due 2019.     ASTALDI: NEW ORDERS IN INDONESIA FOR A TOTAL OF USD 234 MILLIONThe Astaldi Group, in joint venture, has been awarded two contracts to carry out the first two phases of the Upper Cisokan Hydroelectric Power Plant Project on the Island of Java, in Indonesia, for a total value equalling US$ 234 million, with Astaldi accounting for 30%. A consortium comprising Salini Impregilo and Astaldi has won a contract worth €397 million for the design and construction of the Naples - Cancello section of the Naples – Bari high-speed railway line in Italy. The contract amounts to EUR 82 million, with Astaldi leading a joint venture with a 95% share. 58/199INFORMATION AT REQUEST OF CONSOB PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 114 OF LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. Media 04 December 201917:36 ASTALDI WITH ROME’S SCHOOLSThe project named “Astaldi con le Scuole di Roma” (“Astaldi with Rome’s Schools”) has reached its conclusion with Astaldi’s final donation of repaired computers to Rome’s Istituto Comprensivo Alberto Sordi. 7 p.m., Astaldi S.p.A. (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) is launching today an offering of Euro 100 million ASTALDI: NEW ORDERS IN ROMANIAAstaldi Group hereby announces that it has acquired two contracts in Romania to perform new works related to Line 5 of the Bucharest Underground (EUR 180 million, Astaldi has a 37% stake) and Mihai Flamaropol Sports Arena in Bucharest (EUR 28 million, Astaldi has a 65% stake). 85-bis of... PRESS RELEASEASTALDI S.P.A.: RESOLUTIONS ON THE COMPANY’S PERFORMANCE AND CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL STRENGTHENING PLAN ANNOUNCED BY THE COMPANY Date July Order backlog over eur 15 bn. Media 27 November 201911:00 Date       30 July 20037:00. The Shareholders’ Meeting of Astaldi S.p.A. has examined and approved the financial statements at 31 December 2013, in the terms proposed by the Company’s Board of Directors at their meeting held on 28 March 2014. 15 May 201518:23 The contract, which pays off an existing € 325 million revolving loan coming due in 2016, will be used to cover the Company’s general needs. BRIDGE OVER THE MESSINA STRAIT: THE GROUP LED BY ASTALDI PRESENTS THE OFFERThe Group of companies led by Astaldi, including Ferrovial Agroman, Vianini Lavori, Maire Engineering, Grandi Lavori Fincosit and Ghella, has submitted the bid relating to the tender for the construction of the Bridge over the Messina Strait.   Media The signing of the contract follows and completes the process which saw Astaldi selected as... Title Notes”) issued by Astaldi met today and could not resolve on the approval of the Astaldi’s composition proposal on a direct going... THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ASTALDI APPROVES A SHARE CAPITAL INCREASE UP TO A MAXIMUM OF EUR 300 MILLIONThe Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A. (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) met on 15 May 2018 to resolve to submit to the approval of the Shareholders’ Meeting (“Meeting”) a share capital increase for consideration (subject to an amendment of the Bylaws in order to... ASTALDI, PRESS RELEASE  The hybrid cablestayed bridge is part of the project for the construction and subsequent... ASTALDI S.p.A.  informs that the conference call:2016 First Half Results will be held on 3 August, 2016 at 6,00 p.m. ASTALDI: START UP OF THE PROCESS OF VALORIZATION OF CONCESSION ASSETSThe Board of Directors of Astaldi, as part of what was already outlined in the Business Plan, has examined the results of a preliminary study for structuring an operation for the valorization of concession assets (both current and perspective).   ASTALDI: RESTART OF PAYMENTS FROM VENEZUELAAstaldi informs that it has received four tranches of payments of receivables related to railway projects in progress in Venezuela. Stefano Cerri, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, reported the following: “... 28 April 201617:06 Date ASTALDI-ANSALDO STS, CONTRACT SIGNED FOR LINE 5 OF THE MILAN UNDERGROUNDThe special purpose vehicle, led by Astaldi and including Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari S.p.A., a subsidiary of Ansaldo STS; Ansaldo Breda; Torno; Alstom Trasporti; and Azienda Trasporti Municipalizzata (ATM), has signed a contract with the Municipality of Milan for the construction of... An initial section of 40 kilometres of motorway was opened, along the route that stretches from Gebze... Rome, 20 April 2016 – The Shareholders’ Meeting of Astaldi S.p.A., meeting today in ordinary session, approved the Separate Financial Statements at 31 December 2015, in the terms proposed by the Company’s Board of Directors this past 09 March. Title Date ASTALDI CAPITAL INCREASE PROSPECTUS FILED WITH CONSOB FOR AUTHORIZATION TO PUBLISH... May EQUITY-LINKED NOTES DUE 2024” (ISIN CODE: XS1634544248) APPROVES THE COMPOSITION PROPOSALThe Meeting of the holders of the notes denominated “€140,000,000 4.875 per cent. TOTAL VALUE AT 417 MILLION EURO. September The Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A., chaired by Prof. Ernesto Monti, met today to examine and approve the Group’s consolidated results for the third quarter and first nine months of 2005 which showed a considerable increase in economic margins. View the profiles of people named Stefan Ambrosini. 10 November 201013:06 127-quinquies of the consolidated finance act – TUF. Net profit of EUR 62.4 million  31 July 202013:14 Media Title Title As of today, the sum collected by Astaldi amounts to USD 43 million. Title   Date The contract was signed in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport of the... December ASTALDI, NEW RAILWAY CONTRACT IN POLANDTotal value of the contract equal to EUR 350 million March   TOTAL VALUE OF CONTRACT EQUAL TO EUR 164 MILLIONAstaldi Group has been awarded the contract to design and construct the new “Magistrala” Line 4 of the Bucharest Underground in Romania, worth a total of EUR 164 million (Astaldi leader, with a 40% stake). 13 May 20057:00 04 November 20037:00 Files 58/1998 (CONSOLIDATED FINANCE ACT – “TUF”), ASTALDI S.P.A.: RESOLUTIONS ON THE COMPANY’S PERFORMANCE AND CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL STRENGTHENING PLAN ANNOUNCED BY THE COMPANY. The General Meeting of Shareholders of Astaldi S.p.A. has examined and approved the financial statements at 31 December 2011, at the terms put forward by the Board of Directors on 16 March 2012. Files February Media Media The growth targets for 2011 set down in the business plan are confirmed.   Astaldi has announced that the US$ 600 million financing agreement for the second functional lot (Phase 2A) of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir motorway in Turkey has been signed. ASTALDI, IN VENEZUELA SIGNED CONTRACT INCREASE FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PUERTO CABELLO – LA ENCRUCIJADA RAILWAY LINEAstaldi, in joint venture at 33.33% with Impregilo and Ghella, has signed with IFE (the Venezuelan Railway Institute) an increase of contract for the completion of the Puerto Cabello-La Encrucijada railway line, which is already at an advanced stage of completion by the same JV. Files Date Files   19 July 20057:00 September CONFIRMED THE DATES FOR CALLING THE BONDHOLDERS’ MEETINGSAstaldi S.p.A (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) informs that today the Company’s Board of Directors meeting has noted the first management reviews of the plan’s trend and has confirmed the substantial alignment over the time span of the plan of economic, financial and commercial... Italian Ambassador in Turkey, Gianpaolo Scarante. Today,the Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A., presided by Paolo Astaldi, following the proposal of the Appointments Committee, has appointed Piero Gnudi to replace the Board member Guido Guzzetti, who retired the last August 1st. This announcement is made pursuant to art. ASTALDI: REVENUE UP BY 5.2% TO MORE THAN EUR 3 BILLION 24.5% INCREASE IN NET PROFIT FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS  ... ASTALDI has announced it has signed an agreement for the sale of its interest in the concessionary company of the Chacayes hydroelectric power plant in Chile, to PACIFIC HYDRO CHILE, owner of the remaining 72.70% and the Chilean subsidiary of the Chinese group SPIC Overseas. Title Media The above-mentioned... Mentre fonti vicine ad Astaldi, contattate dal Fatto, sostengono che la società non ha ricevuto comunicazioni ufficiali da parte dell’attestatore nominato da Astaldi, Corrado Gatti, né da parte dei commissari giudiziali (Stefano Ambrosini e Francesco Rocchi) dopo le perquisizioni a carico dei tre indagati e di non essere stata chiamata ufficialmente a farne da parte della Consob. The Astaldi Group has won a new road contract in Poland, amounting to € 85 million. ASTALDI - REVENUES UP BY 4.2% TO EUR 1.46 BILLION DURING THE FIRST NINE MONTHS. Astaldi, as mandatary and leader of the group of companies also consisting of Vianini Lavori, Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari, won the contract for the construction in General Contracting of the Rome Underground Line C. The Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A., chaired by Prof. Ernesto Monti, met today in Rome to approve the Quarterly Report at December 31 2005 and to examine the consolidated results of 2005. Title October 24 October 201118:02 15 July 20057:00 25 January 201018:08 FILING OF THE REPORT OF THE JUDICIAL COMMISSIONERS. 58/1998INFORMATION REQUESTED BY CONSOB PURSUANT TO ART. ASTALDI, APPROVED 1H 2006 RESULTSThe Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A., chaired by Prof. Ernesto Monti, has approved Astaldi Group's consolidated quarterly results at June 30, 2006 .... A) OF BORSA ITALIANA’S MARKET RULES, DOCUMENTATION AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC AND INDEPENDENT AUDITORS’ REPORT ON THE INTERIM FINANCIAL REPORT AT 30 JUNE 2020. INFORMATION REQUESTED BY CONSOB PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 114 OF ITALIAN CONSOLIDATED FINANCE ACT (“TUF”)At the request of CONSOB, pursuant to article 114, of the Italian Consolidated Finance Act (“TUF”), Astaldi S.p.A. (hereinafter also “Astaldi”, the “Company” or the “Parent”) provides the following information. ASTALDI, PRESS RELEASEAstaldi informs that the meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the 2017 Full Year Results will be held on March 15, 2018. NEW ORDERS OF EUR 2.4 BILLIONConsolidated results of HY1 2013. Media 17 February 201110:45 Astaldi, bridge over Izmit Bay, in Turkey, is completed. Stefano Ambrosini (Torino, 2 maggio 1969) è un giurista, accademico e avvocato italiano Biografia. 85-BIS OF THE ISSUERS’ REGULATIONS   The inauguration was attended by the... Media 14 June 20067:00 ASTALDI, 2003 NET INCOME UP 49%Astaldi has closed 2003 with a consolidated net income growth of 49%, reaching more than €22 million, and with total revenues in excess of €920 million, an increase of more than 13% over 2002. 23 October 20197:00 January 18 March 20047:00 Media 31 July 20077:00 ASTALDI BECOMES PARTNER OF THE PROJECT FINANCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LARGEST HYDROELECTRIC POWER PROJECT BEING CARRIED OUT IN CHILEAstaldi has signed the agreement to enter with a 27.3% share into the project finance Pacific Hydro Chacayes S.A., the SPV in charge of developing, constructing and operating the Chacayes power plant, in the valley of Cachapoal river, in Chile. Astaldi Group has acquired the contract to perform the Alto Piura Hydro Project, in Peru. There were meetings between the parties during July and August with the aim... 20 November 2019 - 18:20 Astaldi S.p.A. (the Company) makes known that, on today's date, it received from the Insolvency Division of the Court of Rome the decree revoking Prof. Stefano Ambrosini from the position of judicial commissioner within the composition … 58/1998 (CONSOLIDATED FINANCE ACT – “TUF”)INFORMATION REQUESTED BY CONSOB PURSUANT TO ART. Files 31 July 20067:00 FINANCING CLOSED FOR USD 2.8 BILLION, ASTALDI GROWS IN 2012 WITH REVENUES OF EUR 2.5 BILLION (+4.1%); NET PROFIT OF EUR 74 MILLION (+4.1%). The above-mentioned documentation is also available on the Company’s website: (http://www.... Title ASTALDI: NEW CONSTRUCTION ORDERS FOR EUR 400 MILLION IN CHILE, HONDURAS, AND POLAND   Files FERROVIE DELLO STATO ITALIANE AND ASTALDI: AGREEMENT SIGNED FOR THE SALE OF M5Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and Astaldi have announced they have signed an agreement for the sale of the investment held by Astaldi in M5 SpA, Concessionaire of Line 5 of the Milan Metro. EUR 0.10 PER SHARE DIVIDEND PROPOSED Title